What we Offer

We offer Individual Counselling for which there is no charge and is provided by fully qualified and experienced Counsellors.
The service is available for male and female clients and delivered at centres in Poleglass, Twinbrook and Old warren to help you access the service.
Opening Hours:
Monday - 9:00am - 8:00pm
Tuesday – Wednesday - 9:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday - 9:00am - 4:00pm
A number of mid week evening appointments are available and Counselling is offered in Poleglass and outreach venues in Twinbrook and Old Warren.

There are times during our lives that we may experience emotional difficulties or upheaval due to circumstances or events that have occurred recently or in the past.
Counselling is an opportunity to talk in private with a professional Counsellor about the issues affecting you in a non judgmental, supportive relationship. The counsellor will work with you to help you find ways of managing those issues.
Some issues that cause people concern are:
Abuse, childhood or recent
Difficulties with in family relationships
Domestic violence
Trauma related to the conflict
This can lead to feelings of:
Low mood 
Suicidal thought
Self harm
Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.
We will invite you to a first meeting with a counsellor to talk about your individual needs and consider next steps.
Counselling appointments are once weekly and last for about an hour.
We offer an initial six appointments but if you require more this will be discussed with you and your counsellor.
Bach Flower Essences

Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a medical doctor, bacteriologist and home­opath. He is known in homeopathy for the Bach Nosodes, made from bowel flora. In the 1920s he practised homeo­pathy in Harley Street, London. How­ever, he is better known for his work in creating the Bach Flower Remedies.  Our team are trained therapists who can use the remedies alongside their counselilng interventions to soothe and restore clients.  These remedies are safe for children and pregnant women. 

Where we work

We work at centres in Poleglass, Twinbrook and at  the Old Warren Estate in Lisburn.  Please contact us to make an appointment